Kerma Travel Service was founded in 2003  and licensed with the number 12603 by the Sudanese ministry of tourism as a travel agency with main office in Khartoum. The founder of the company, Ibrahim AbdelRahim, has studied Egyptology and Sudanese Archaeology in Germany and has more than 30 years experience in tourism.

We organise individual and group tours to all archaeological sites in North Sudan. Accompanied by our knowledgeable tour guides you will experience the colourful African souqs of Khartoum, the life of the Nubian villages, the impressive ruins of Meroitic and Christian Kingdoms of the North. Our programs can be modified to fit individual wishes and travel schedules. We value the wishes our clients highly and take care of them; your emails are usually answered the same day.

Our good relations with local officials ensure that our groups proceed with maximum comfort and without unnecessary bureaucracy.

We regularly check the hotels available in Khartoum to be up to date on their standard and service.

For our tours outside Khartoum we provide excellent, fully air conditioned vehicles and modern camping equipment that offer the highest level of comfort and safety to travellers. Our experienced drivers know the desert well and you are in good hands with them.

Our guides are educated Sudanese; most of them have graduated from the faculty of archaeology and have taken part in excavations. They are fluent in English, and apart from their excellent knowledge of archaeology they are chosen to best represent their country and give you information about contemporary Sudan and its people as well. Besides, they are - like all Sudanese - very hospitable and will make you feel right at home.


Our services extend into the neighbouring countries through a chain of affiliated companies in Syria and Lebanon, Jordan and Egypt, thus enabling us to offer you complete handling of your combined roundtrips in the Middle East!